The Endstations

A: The Main Chamber

Electron analyzer: SCIENTA nook OK
The Electron Analyser is at 60° from the incident photon beam, in the horizontal plane
ComIXS x-ray fluorescence spectrometer; OK
The Fluorescence Spectrometer is at -60° from the incident photon beam, in the horizontal plane
Femptoamp meter for total yield x-ray absorption measurements (Keithley);
Two (Keithley Electrometer 6430). 
Also two 6514 Keithley Electrometers and two Keithley Amplifier 428 are available.
These instruments can be connected via PCI and/or GPIB interface with the PC that controls the entire beamline and they can collect signals coming from the mirror surfaces or a freshly evaporated gold mesh, the intensity read on some photodiodes, the drain current from the sample and the electron analyzer counts.
Channeltronnew nook OK
Si photodiode For Total Fluorescence Yield measurements only for very insulating samples
VG Rear View with 8011 Electronics OK
Works down to low energies (~15-25 eV).
Retraction not working (LEED has been twisted)
Retractable LEED (OCI) Offline. It is currently in for repair.
He lamp: SPECS UV-Source UVS 300 Offline
Manipulator (x,y,z and theta) (CREATEC) OK

LHe cryostat: from 30 K to about 1500 K


The minimum temperature on the sampe holder is 50 K using LHe, 130 K using LN2;
Pressure gauge and Residual Gas Analyser OK (p<3x10-10 mbar)
Ar sputtering gun (VG) OK. Only filament 2 is working.
gas line for surface preparations in UHV; 2 leak valves O2, H2, CO are availabe.
For other gases, please contact us
single e-beam evaporator (Omicron) Fe
triple e-beam evaporator (Omicron) channel1: Si rod (OK? installed sep11)
channel2:Mn basket (OK)
channel3: Ti rod (filament maybe not working)
sample scraping device OK
Mg/Al Kalpha X-Ray source new nook Just installed (Sept 2011). To be tested
working disatnce: 1-2 cm
Fast entry Load Lock OK


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