The Endstations

Endstation A

This endstation is located at the end of the branch A where the spot dimensions on the sample are about 300x20 micron2: this permits the utilization of the photon spectrometer for x-ray emission experiments. For photoemission the spot dimensions are set to 300x200 micron2. The endstation A of BACH is divided in two different parts: the Main experimental and the Preparation chamber. They are connected through a nipple that let the transfer of the prepared sample into the experimental chamber. Both the chambers include also a sputtering system to prepare the sample surfaces.

Lateral View

Top View

3-Dimensional and top view of the BACH endstation (experimental + preparation chambers). The arrows indicate the flanges on which the various instruments and devices are mounted. The red arrow indicate the monochromatized photon beam delivered by the beamline. The white cross at the right side (in the top view) represents a 6-way cross on which the following elements are mounted: transfer arm, scraper, load lock, window.

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