The Endstations

A: Evaporation

.:. Evaporation Conditions for Gold MBE, Mn MBE, Omicron e- Beam Manual
    • Omicron Triple Evaporation Source EFM3T (Currently installed on the MAIN chamber, available for special requests and ONLY to collaborators)

    • Omicron Single Evaporation Source EFM (Currently installed on the MAIN chamber, available for special requests and ONLY to collaborators)

    • 2 MBE Komponenten High Temperature Effusion Cell MTEZ 40-1.5 (Currenly already in use, not available for users)

    • 2M Tricon Electron Bombardment Evaporation Source (Available only for special requests)

    • 2 Custom-made evaporators (POWER FEEDTHROUGH 5KV 30AMP x PIN, MAX 120AMP ALL PIN LOADED,PIN DIAMETER 2,38mm, 4PIN COPPER ON CF40), lenght of the rods: 34 mm and 35 mm. This evaporator can be used only for low-temperature evaporation (up to about 400° C), since there is no water cooling system). They are mounted with a linear transfer with 40-100 mm shift. E.g. In the CF35 flange pointing upwards there is a linear transfer whose lenght is 8 cm fully extended and 4 cm fully contracted. This lengh allows to reach the sample in the preparation chamber. The same dimensions can be used by the users to make their evaporators planned for BACH beamtime. The evaporation material can be hosted in 0.05 mm folded Ta foil, or a custom/commercial made basket or boat.

  • In the Preparation experimental chamber, several flanges can host e-beam, MBE or home-made evaporators.
    In particular, for evaporation during sample annealing (T=300 K to 780 K) there are 3 flanges CF35 flanges (not CF40) pointing upwards (distance flange-sample about 31 cm), 1 CF38 flange pointing downwards. For evaporation at T=300 K there are 1 CF38 flange horizonatal (distance flange-sample about 25 cm) and one CF100 flange horizontal (distance flange-sample about 25 cm).
  • In the Main chamber we have 2 CF38 ports where up to 2 e-beam evaporators (e.g. a Single or Triple Omicron EMF 3, Tricon, Elmitec) can be installed.
  • The following metals can be evaporated by e-beam: Fe, Co, Ni, Ti, Mn, Ge, Si (materials already tested), Cr, Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Pd, Pt, Rh, some Lanthanides. If you need to evaporate volatile elements such as thiols, Ga, As, Sb, Sn, Na, organo-metallics and polymers you should contact the beamline scientist/local contact, in order to check the feasibility and arrange the experiment, well in advance before the experiment. In any case we do NOT allow the evaporation of organic molecules and volatile elements in the Main Chamber (please consider that the LEED has no shutter and there are very delicate optical elements and instrumentation).
  • The users are strongly reccomended to provide us THEIR OWN evaporators for the experiment, well in advance before the experiment. The evaporators must be sent to the contact person at BACH beamline, arranging the delivery so that they can be mounted during the last machine shut down before the start of the experimental run. Omicron EMF3 e-beam evaporator and custom made evaporator can be provided only in special cases and WE DO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSABILITY FOR FAILURE OF THE EVAPORATORS. In case it is not possible to install the user's evaporator, the user has anyway to provide the materials needed for the evaporation and the boat or basket, well in advance before the experiment.

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