The Endstations

A: The fluorescence Grating Spectrometer ComiXS

The fluorescence spectrometer ComIXS (Compact Inelastic X-ray Spectrometer) is an instrument devoted to the energy analysis of the photons emitted from the sample in the experimental chamber (under synchrotron radiation). It takes advantage of two variable line spacing spherical gratings to cover the range from 20 eV to 1200 eV with medium resolution and high efficiency. The data acquisition is made by a back-illuminated CCD camera optimized on the soft x-ray energy range. (More details on ComIXS)

IMPORTANT!!!: Please contact beamline scientist for details on the current status/resolution of the spectrometer.

The geometry of the fluorescence (and photoemission) measurements is summarized by the drawing.
The x-ray emission angle is 60° from the incident monochromatized beam. The CCD position can be moved to select the proper energy window. A gate valve separates the main chamber from the spectrometer.
On the same main chamber, the VSW CLASS 150 hemispherical electron analyser is mounted (not shown in the drawing) at -60° from the incident monochromatized beam.


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