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OLD: The VSW CLASS 150 hemispherical electron analyser (NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE!)

The pass energy can be changed continously from 5 eV to 85 eV.

The acceptance angle depends on several factors: retard ratio, slit size at the focal plane,  The angular acceptance decreases with increasing retard ratio and also using a small slit or aperture will reduce the angular acceptance
In practice if you are looking at say 500eV electrons with pass energy of 50eV (retard ratio of 10) the angular acceptance is around +/- 4 deg in the dispersive direction. If the pass energy is 10eV (retard ratio of 50) the angular resolution is around +/-2 deg.  There are two operation modes which shold be changed manually on the electronic modules:

High Kinetic Energy HE (default) 30-1600
Low Kinetic Energy LE (be very careful for KE<50eV) 0-100

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