BaDElPh News

14.5 Congratulations to Riccardo Comin

2014-12-10: We congratulate Riccardo Comin, recipient of the 2014 Fonda-Fasella award for his work performed also at the BaDElPh beamline.

14.4 IFW2 manipulator: problem solved

2014-09-22: The leak problem in the IFW2 cryostat has been fixed and the six-axis manipulator is available again for our users. Moreover, thanks to IFW-Dresden, it will remain here for longer. More details on request.

14.3 BaDElPh in CERIC-ERIC

2014-09-01: The BaDElPh beamline at Elettra has been included in the list of facilities accessible through the CERIC-ERIC call proposal. CERIC-ERIC offers access to several complementary facilities through a single proposal and a single access point. Please submit your multifacility proposal through the CERIC-ERIC Virtual Unified Office (VUO).

14.2 Greetings to Aliakbar Ghafari

2014-06-14: Cheers to Aliakbar Ghafari, he moved to the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH (Germany). Thank you for the period spent here and good luck!

14.1 IFW2 manipulator problem

2014-01-10: The IFW2 manipulator has shown a leak problem in the cryostat working at low-temperature and it is currently not available. Recovery time: about 8 months.

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