BaDElPh News

23.4 Ongoing upgrade of BaDElPh

2023-12-15: Within the Elettra 2.0 project, BaDElPh is going to be upgraded with a 4th generation electron hemispherical analyzer (MBS A1) to perform high-resolution spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (SARPES) experiments, a motorized six-axis cryo-manipulator (PREVAC), a retractable LEED optics (OCI), and a new mu-metal experimental chamber. All the new equipment has arrived and the installation phase is in progress... contact the beamline coordinator for more details.

23.3 Greetings to Wenjuan Zhao

2023-10-05: Cheers to Wenjuan Zhao. Thank you for your time here and good luck in your new position at the VUV Photoemission beamline.

23.2 ICBS Frontiers of Science Award

2023-07-16: Our research Prediction and Observation of an Antiferromagnetic Topological insulator, published in Nature 2019, has received the 2023 ICBS Frontiers of Science Award in the Theoretical Physics category, Condensed Matter subcategory, for theoretically predicting and experimentally confirming the first-ever three-dimensional antiferromagnetic topological insulator compound, manganese bismuth telluride. This discovery opens up possibilities for significant advancements in novel electronics. We congratulate Mikhail Otrokov et al. on this achievement. Read about it also in CERIC-ERIC News.

23.1 Suspension of all measures taken to contain the spread of COVID-19

2023-05-30: With reference to the regulatory framework related to the health emergency from the spread of COVID-19, considering the latest Health Minister's Order as well as the recent decision by the World Health Organization (WHO), which officially declared the end of the pandemic state of emergency due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Elettra has decided to suspend the "Corporate regulating protocol to contain the spread of COVID-19" and, at the same time, all the measures consequently adopted, with immediate effect.


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