BaDElPh News

13.4 Research Staff Scientist/PostDoc position

2013-11-20: The BaDElPh beamline at Elettra has an opening for a Research Staff Scientist/PostDoc position. CLOSED.

13.3 IFW2 six-axis cryo-manipulator available

2013-09-15: Thanks to the long-term proposal n. 20130485, submitted by M. Knupfer (IFW-Dresden), the IFW2 six-axis cryo-manipulator has been just installed and is available for users for the next four semesters. The IFW2 manipulator is an early prototype of a now commercially sold six-axis manipulator (Cryoax 6, VG-Scienta) and it allows to work in the temperature range 30-400K. The z-axis and the polar and azimuthal axises are motorized. Using this cryo-manipulator, it is not possible to reach the LEED optics. More details on request.

13.2 Greetings to Claudia Struzzi

2013-09-06: Cheers to Claudia Struzzi, she moved to the University of Mons (Belgium). Thank you for the period spent here and good luck!

13.1 Welcome to Aliakbar Ghafari

2013-06-15: Welcome to Aliakbar Ghafari, who join us as a postdoc collaborator.

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