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BaDElPh News

17.6 Open PostDoc Research Associate position

2017-12-27: The BaDElPh beamline at Elettra has an opening for a PostDoc Research Associate position. The deadline for the submission of application is January 31th, 2018. We thank all applicants in advance. More details here. CLOSED.

17.5 PostDoc Research Associate position available soon

2017-12-01: A PostDoc Research Associate position for the BaDElPh beamline at Elettra will be open soon. Stay tuned!

17.4 Goodbye to José Márquez Velasco

2017-12-01: Goodbye to José Márquez Velasco, he moved back to Athens (Greece). Thanks for the period spent here and good luck!

17.3 Commissioning of the fully motorized manipulator & beamline software upgrade

2017-11-06: The commissioning of the fully-motorized remote-controlled custom-made 5-axis manipulator has begun, together with the updating of all beamline and manipulator control software. They will be available to Users starting on next January.

17.2 System for the growth of TMDCs (sulphur family)

2017-07-01: Within the activity related to the long-term proposal n. 20170518, submitted by A. Grüneis (Univ. of Cologne), a new system for the growth of TMDCs (sulphur family) will be set up at the BaDElPh beamline within this semester. Then, it will be available to our users up to May 2019. More details on request.

17.1 Welcome to José Márquez Velasco

2017-05-01: Welcome to José Márquez Velasco, who join us as a postdoc collaborator.


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