BaDElPh News

12.4 Research Associate position

2012-10-29: The BaDElPh beamline at Elettra has an opening for a Research Associate position. CLOSED.

12.3 Motorized 5 degree of freedom sample holder

2012-04-12: A new 5 degree of freedom sample holder with motorized azimuthal angle, based on an attocube rotator, has been successfully assembled in our liquid helium cryostat manipulator and tested. It is now available for Users beamtimes.

12.2 L-He Cryostat: problem solved 

2012-03-26: The liquid-helium cryostat is available again, after the serious crash suffered during a beamtime of last May 2011.

12.1 Welcome to Claudia Struzzi 

2012-03-01: Welcome to Claudia Struzzi, who join us as a pre-doc collaborator.

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