BaDElPh News

19.3 PostDoc Research Associate position available soon

2019-11-21: A PostDoc Research Associate position for the BaDElPh beamline at Elettra will be open soon. Stay tuned!

19.2 IFW2 manipulator not available

2019-05-04: The IFW2 six-axis cryo-manipulator is currently not available. More details on request.

19.1 Congratulations to Claudia Struzzi

2019-03-08: We congratulate Claudia Struzzi, recipient of the 2018 award of applied chemistry of the FRS - FNRS for her PhD thesis Spectromicroscopy investigation of plasma fluorinated carbon nanomaterials for gas sensing application at the University of Mons (Belgium). Several experiments of this thesis work have been performed at the Elettra beamlines, including also BaDElPh.


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