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New anode materials for advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries

In operando X-Ray Diffraction measurements at XRD1 together with raman Spectroscopy and electrochemical techniques shed light on the electrochemistry of FeNb 11 O 29, a very promising anode material for advanced high-power density Lithium-ion batteries
Spada D. et al., Electrochimica Acta Volume 393, 139077 (2021)

In the last years of research on new anode materials for advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries, niobium-based oxides are raising growing attention due to high theoretical capacities, fast rate capabilities and safety reasons. In this paper, the complex structural and electrochemical features of FeNb_11 O_29 are unravelled with multiple techniques: the symmetrisation of the octahedral framework that occurs after the reduction of Nb5+ cations, detected for the first time, seemsto be the key of the electrochemistry of FeNb_11 O_29 .

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FeNb11O29, anode material for high-power lithium-ion batteries: Pseudocapacitance and symmetrisation unravelled with advanced electrochemical and in situ/operando techniques
Spada D., Albini, Galinetto P. Versaci D., Francia C., Bodoardo S. Bais G. Bini M.
Electrochimica Acta Volume 393, 139077 (2021)
DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2021.139077

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